Hello and welcome to my website (blog),

This is not an advertisement site, or meetings. The purpose of this blog is to share my experience of more than ten years as clients and sex tourist, but also as a former prostitute boyfriend. You'll understand that I've lived a lot of experience around the world, less beautiful beautiful encounters other, I've even met the love several times but mostly so I hope the final. My goal to share with you my knowledge and experience in this area it is past, present or future.

Yet I was not destine to become a specialist in prostitution. I also had all the prejudices ; they are drugged, under the influence of the mafia, it's dirty and many other things, many people on prostitution. So nothing predestined me what I am today : a defender of the cause of free prostitutes and especially a regular customer and even a sex tourist for more than ten years.

And that's what made my change my mind ;.

On my 23rd birthday, friends and I decided to spend an weekend in Amsterdam. Let's be honest again, the sight of all these beautiful girls (near 600 at the time) gives desires. And after several glasses of beer I started. In reality the best time yet is when this young beautiful girl is undressing, the sight of her body was worthy of a magazine cover. But now level sex, it was not really ecstasy.

Back home, I share my adventures and my disappointment level sex, pay for it even if the girls are very beautiful, it is not worth the trouble. And an absent friend that weekend told me that if I want girls as beautiful, but with a different level of sex, I have accompanied him to Germany. He begins to explain the operation of clubs out there that girls are there and everything, I admit that his story inspired me especially given his enthusiasm when he speaks. But I still had some doubts and misconceptions about the issue. Month from, during which he still speaks repeatedly of clubs and finally having a period of several weeks without sex I said ok let's go.

And it was a revelation, I did not take long before you return and then I became a regular customer. In talking with other guests I learned the existence of other clubs, then some tourist destinations. It only took me a few months to become an expert on small.

But the most important, chatting with girls, I realized that all the prejudices that I could have had false. Of course some girls are drugged, the mafia is present in the prostitution…but it is far from being a general.

Since then I have traveled the world and clubs, including Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Thailand, Brazil… I met a lot of girls with very different stories.

I do not pretend to know everything about the environment, but all these past experiences, current and future mean that I know the problem of prostitution.

That's why I created this blog, to try to break down the prejudices that were mine also, to share, to discover, denounce certain practices etc.. Because there are still too many people who do not respect this profession. Millions more women in prostitution without this profession and they would have no income.

Must in my opinion combat forced prostitution, pimping and prostitution of minors. But also make prostitution disappear streets and be as unobtrusive as possible. Ensure that prostitution (women and men) is a profession like any other entitlement to social security. In this way the police and the state could effectively fight against all the evils that affect prostitution.

I want to say that I am of course against forced prostitution, child prostitution and trafficking in human beings in general. More I think there must be a relationship of respect between a client and a prostitute and that respect must be mutual. I also found a free ebook that proves to be a client I guide you in doing so enjoy. If you've never had to resort to prostitution, it may be useful.

It exists only in French, I work on the English translation.

guide client

That I do not agree with all content, but most things are good.

Here I wish you a good visit on the blog.